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How to draw a cute chinchilla in 6 steps

  I love to draw cute animals and I enjoy thinking of different animals from around the world to try. Chinchillas are so sweet and adorable that I thought I would make an easy tutorial for this little guy. Hope you like him and give it a try!

How to draw a cute gnome in 6 steps

  A cute little gnome for you to try. You can paint his clothes and beard any colours you like. Have fun drawing him. !  

How to draw a cute robin in 6 steps

  A cute robin for you to try. They are such sweet little birds and visit my garden all year round. I love to watch them and can spot them so well with their bright red chests. Hope you like this one. Have fun!

How to draw Harry Potter in 6 steps

  Here is a really fun tutorial for you to try... Harry Potter!! I absolutely love love the Harry Potter stories and thought it would be fun to draw him in his Hogwarts uniform.  Hope you like him and give it a try! 

How to draw a cup and saucer in 6 steps

  How about having a try at this cup and saucer. I absolutely love drinking tea so thought this would be a fun tutorial. I painted mine pink and added some flowers for decoration but you can use any colours and patterns you like.  Hope you enjoy this one !

How to draw a Christmas cracker in 6 steps

  A bright Christmas cracker for you to try. Paint in any festive colours you like and add some cute details. I added a holly sprig on mine.  Have fun!

How to draw a cute rubber duck in 6 steps

  A cute little rubber duck for you to draw. This was a tutorial request so I am really happy to include it in the guides. Hope you have fun drawing this little guy. 

How to draw a turkey in 6 steps

  Thought I’d make a cute turkey tutorial for all those that celebrate Thanksgiving and for anyone who wants to learn to draw one.  Have fun with this one and paint him any colours you like and maybe you can even draw a little cute hat for him !

How to draw a snowman in 6 steps

  I have added this little fun snowman to the festive tutorials today. You can draw any kind of hat you like to make him unique and paint his scarf any colour you like !  Hope you like him, have fun!

How to draw a Christmas tree in 6 steps

  Here is a lovely Christmas tree for you to draw. You can add any festive decorations you like. Maybe some lights or other cute hanging ornaments. Hope you enjoy this one !   

How to draw a cute Christmas angel in 6 steps

  A pretty little cute angel tutorial for you today. You can paint her any colours and add some really lovely festive details. I added some sparkles around her for that Christmassy feel! Happy creating 😀

How to draw a cute Christmas elf in 6 steps

  I drew a little Christmas elf this morning and thought you may love to try this tutorial. And don’t forget, you can add any details and colours you like. My tutorials are only guides so have fun being creative and enjoy this this cute character 😊

How to draw a gingerbread man in 6 steps

  I think gingerbread men are super cute so I decided to add this little guy to the festive food tutorials. You can make yours with any fun designs you like and even maybe a gingerbread lady! I made a basic face and buttons down the front but you can add any details that you love ❤️  Have fun with this one and happy creating!

How to draw a book in 6 steps

  Hello everyone. Today I thought I would make a book tutorial. It’s easy to follow and you could draw yourself a whole library 📚! I made mine into a spell book as it’s near to Halloween but you can give your book any title you like! Have fun and happy creating.

How to draw a festive mug of hot coco in 6 steps

  Keeping with the festive theme today. I really do love this time of year and I love the feeling of cosy evenings by the fire with mugs of hot chocolate. So here is a tutorial on how to draw a cosy mug of hot drink. It can be any drink you like! Coffee, tea any thing you love.  Have fun!

How to draw a burger in 6 steps

  Here is a burger for you try! Add any filling you like, I probably should have drawn more tomatoes!! But you can make your burger how ever you like! Have fun! 

How to draw a Christmas pudding in 6 steps

  As the holiday season draws closer I thought I’d add some more festive food to the guides. Here is a yummy Christmas pudding to try!

How to draw a witch's broom in 6 steps

  Here is another Halloween season guide for you....a witch’s broom! A witch needs her broom to fly around on Halloween night and meet up with all her spooky friends!