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Showing posts from September, 2020

How to draw a hot air balloon in 6 steps

  Here is a fun hot air balloon to try!

How to draw a cute Quokka in 6 steps

  With so many amazing animals in the world to draw, finding inspiration is never hard. Recently I came across some really cute marsupials from the islands of Western Australia. They are called Quokkas. They have a face like they are always smiling and happy. So here is a fun tutorial for you to try...a cute little Quokka. Have fun !

How to draw a cute reindeer in 6 steps

  I am adding to my winter festive tutorials today with this cute little reindeer for you to try. You can colour him how you like and add any details to make him look super adorable. Hope you like him and have fun!

How to draw a gingerbread house in 6 steps

  I’m in a very festive mood this weekend. Watching the leaves slowly turn orange on the trees in my garden, I remembered the holiday season is not far away. With dreams of log fires, hot coco and gingerbread. So this feeling was my inspiration today to draw a little gingerbread house for you to try. You can add lots of different details and make it a really yummy house.  Have fun with it !

How to draw a slice of pumpkin pie

      Here is a yummy pumpkin pie tutorial! Have fun!

How to draw a cute vampire girl in 6 steps

  A new fun tutorial for you today. Keeping with the autumn and Halloween theme, a cute little vampire girl! Have fun drawing her!

Keep Practicing Your Drawing!

The best way to improve with your art... Is to keep making art! Keep all your sketch books and work, because it's great to look back on and see how far you have come. Lately I've been trying to create some new little characters and it's been really fun learning new techniques and ways to make things. YouTube and Pinterest are full of all kinds of tutorials for what ever kind of art you want to make. Have fun creating and I hope some of the little tutorials on the site help you.  Below is a little mouse I made using Lisa Glanz brushes for the Procreate app, on the iPad

Free! Autumn Mug Png

I made this cosy cup of hot chocolate and thought I'd share with you. Please feel free to download and use in your  personal creations 😊